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United by collaboration.

Cooperation agreements and mutual support with agricultural enterprises, industry organisations, research institutions and agricultural organisations that focus on other support bases give Tuks Landbou access to expert allies who enable us to examine a wide range of issues. That is why Tuks Landbou regards existing agricultural unions and organisations as partners in achieving our goal and seeks to unite rather than divide.

Regular debates with student associations at foreign universities and young farmers associations in other countries on international issues such as trade, animal proteins, antimicrobial resistance, traceability and brands and associated opportunities to establish international networks.

Regular tours to major agricultural events, model farms, local and international fairs and conferences.

Students need other activities that aren’t study related. We arrange regular braais and social events between members and friends of Tuks Landbou!

We are looking for opportunities for our members to do holiday work on farms or at agricultural businesses to build the right kind of CV.

Several scholarships have already been tied up at foreign universities to which Tuks Landbou has exclusive access and it goes beyond just agricultural opportunities.

In collaboration with network partners to identify jobs in the agricultural sector and introduce them to our members through Tuks Landbou.

Opportunities to influence policy and input into national and provincial legislatures with accompanying submissions are actively explored. It’s time for the voice of agricultural students to be heard among policymakers as well. We are the future!

Discussions on the most controversial issues in agriculture are arranged with students on other campuses both locally and internationally.

For Tuks Landbou it is always about more than just talking, we aim for a number of projects to practically pursue our goals, such as the commercialisation of farms belonging to the FAK and other institutions, the promotion of agricultural industries that are in tension and projects about how technology can be put to the test.

Tuks Landbou will facilitate visits to farms that have proven themselves as industry leaders.

The first discussions on exchange schemes in which students and lecturers at foreign universities spend time have already taken place. We will announce these events on our website!

Tuks Landbou intends to act as a host for visitors from elsewhere in South Africa, Africa and the world who are interested in agricultural training and the modern organisation of Agricultural students.

Given the direct access to the WFO and its young farmers network as well as the agricultural gym program, Tuks Landbou has an inner path to the exploitation of opportunities that are facilitated by organised agriculture on an international level.

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